I help organizations align their elements:

  • Integrating their vision, structures and processes so that they can take the next step up towards their full potential.
  • Creating a coherent strategy for an organization’s multiple programs – so they tie together and leverage each other.
  • Strengthening collaboration and communication between teams in the organization.

To reach their vision from their current status, organizations need to go through several developmental stages. My talent is to see the pragmatic steps organizations need to go through to reach the next stage of their development.

I do not bring in new patterns and structures. In my experience, organizations need to evolve to their next level out of their current capacities. Organizations almost always have the knowledge they need. I facilitate the organization to figure out what needs to change and evolve in relation to the new patterns and structures they want to create. 

From there, we solidifying the mutual vision among the team, hone in on the capacity development to make it happen, and organize the structures to support the new direction in operations. 

I do not try to create grand plans for companies to reach their vision. I focus on what they can do to reach the next stage in their organization’s development. I focus on the pragmatic next steps that they can take to make defined progress towards their goal. 

Will Grant's practice derives from a foundation in organizational development steeped in transformation and empowerment. He has an uncanny ability to facilitate the weaving of individual and organizational understanding that ignites collective action. His energy is infectious and his insights elucidating. I have rarely experienced a peer in the field who embodies in equal proportion-- facilitator, life coach, systems thinker and inspirational speaker all rolled into one. 
Tania Carlone, Senior Mediator/Facilitator, Center for Collaborative Policy