When you have a strategic goal, a systemic change, a vision, or a new idea, effective learning is a key element of success.

How do you help people learn new ways of thinking, new knowledge and new skills? I bring 25 years of experience to designing learning systems that are focused on action -- giving people the skills, knowledge, and confidence to take action in new directions.

I have designed and led 200 professional development workshops and 80 full scale trainings in 12 states.

I help organizations design training programs that are

Participatory -- people learn by doing, they are actively engaged in questioning, debating, and co-creating with the other learners.

Learner centered -- the materials and content all come from the lives and work of the learners. For example, communication trainings with role plays based on situations in learner’s companies.

Education for action -- the content, methods, and assessments are focused learners applying them in their lives.  People learn because they want to take action -- they want to change themselves and change the world around them. When training is centered on their vision for change and solves issues in their lives, learners commit to the hard work of learning. 

My training systems engage the emotional dynamics of complex learning projects. That’s especially important for topics like difficult conversations, Emotional Literacy, and decision making.

I have strong systems to help your team structure your programs with rigor and concrete assessment. People need clear measurements of the effectiveness of their training and their ability to use it. Organizations need clear measurements to know they are spending their training resources effectively.

25 years of participatory learning in many different fields gives me a big set of tools to make trainings dynamic, engaging, and fun.

Will is a dynamic presenter with deep experience working authentically with people across the spectrum of race, class, and gender identities and realities. As a facilitator and educator he's quick to perceive where a group discussion or process needs to go, can "see" the individuals within a group, and is effective at deploying a range of techniques to guide participants toward an elevated awareness and shared understanding necessary for taking teams "to the next level." Jason Rainey, Executive Director, International Rivers