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My 25 years of work spans across corporations, entrepreneurs, education, government policy, international NGOs, and community-based organizations.

Each offered key facets for creating new systems:

  • Corporate organizational development gave me a laser focus on results  
  • Non-profit leadership gave me tools to create common vision to bridge social divides.
  • ·Government policy taught me the mechanisms of complex systems. 
  • Legislative lobbying honed my coalition building, strategy, and finance.
  • Entrepreneurship demanded agility and a market focus.
  • Professional development required in-depth study of how people learn.
  • Conflict resolution sees every side of an issue.
  • Spiritual engagement and arts for social change gave me traditions that unlock inner resources and connect people to their core purpose.  

I offer all of these experiences to groups to catalyze successful change -- integrating the structural with the personal, the emotional with the intellectual, the spiritual with the strategic.

I have spent my life living, learning and collaborating in diverse cultures from Japan to the Navajo Nation to the LGBTQ community. I love finding how each community fosters empowerment and leadership for collective development, healthy cultures, intelligent systems, and wise decision making.
Working with and learning from state legislators, undocumented immigrants, youth activists, Federal judges and African revolutionaries (to name a few) has taught me how to see the world from many different perspectives. My cultural immersion and mentorship from teachers in so many communities allows me to see how things fit together in unexpected ways. The multifaceted experiences in collaboration gave me tools for bringing complicated and contradictory view points together to find innovative methods for community and organizational evolution.