The heart of my work is facilitation—helping your group engage with the key dynamics shaping your vision, successes and challenges.

My work with you as a facilitator can include

  • Vision and strategic planning
  • Generating creativity
  • Developing new initiatives
  • Analyzing problems and designing solutions
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Diversity and Inclusion
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My methods are highly participatory. I facilitate groups to explore multiple points of view to find common ground, disagreements, and ways forward. One of my core skills is asking the right questions. Another core skill is synthesizing group dialogs into clear, focused ideas and plans. I facilitate quickly and can read the room to see the next steps to get to their goals.


An essence of facilitation is helping groups be authentic, have hard conversations, and stay engaged when there is tension. That is a third strength I bring to facilitation. Its essential because it transforms conflicts into trust -- the kind that only comes from being real with each other. Opening communication among teams about their emotions and thoughts creates room for full expression. By bringing it all together, it becomes an experience of integrating strategic thinking with building a culture of openness and experimentation.


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My ability to do this comes from a life where I have facilitated dialogs for over 10,000 people in groups ranging from small teams to organizations to full communities. The topics have ranged from corporate strategy to community building to conflicts about race. The settings have ranged from state capital buildings to rural villages in Africa to corporate retreats in Taiwan.

That breadth taught me how to connect with people, to create spaces where different ideas come together to clash and merge, and to make it all fun.

Will is a warm, grounded and clear facilitator, able to listen deeply to what is happening in the group and offer positive energy and specific tools to help move conversations from breakdowns to break-throughs. He has this uncanny ability to make profound connections, ask inspiring questions, and initiate learning and excitement in others. I believe this is the hallmark of a great facilitator — one whose skill activates people to have the conversations they need to have, on different levels than they have had before.  
Shilpa Jain, Executive Director of YES