I guide people through the process of making new ideas work.  

20 years of experience in innovation and transformative leadership has shown me that successful innovation takes a combination of brains, heart, and spirit. 

It takes vision, strategy, structures, operating procedures, metrics and accountability. 

It takes emotional intelligence, gut level intuition, creativity, and imagination. 

And it takes spirit -- knowing the source of your vision, connecting to your passion, and igniting other people.

I guide groups to synthesize all of those elements to create innovation, lead change, and take action on their vision. 



Bringing out the full range of your people's ideas and feelings, finding common ground, dynamic tensions, and new ways forward

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Developing the skills for authentic communication, conflict resolution, team building, and emotional intelligence

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Organizational Development

Finding organizational vision, strengths and gaps · Building the systems and co-creating the culture to put the vision into action

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Instructional Design

Co-designing the learning systems to build the skills, knowledge and abilities your people need to reach their goals 

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